To optimize the strength of Neglected muscles, isolated exercises with progression into larger dynamic movements can be helpful. Here are some common strengthening exercises to build well-rounded strength and control to keep you running and cycling longer.


Clamshells: Lying on your side, place your feet and knees together with your hips stacked. The hips and feet stay anchored together as the top knee lifts off the bottom. You should feel a “hinging” at the hip and work in the side of the glutes.

Bridging: Lying on your back, place your feet flat on the ground with knees comfortably bent. Try tightening your core and squeeze your glutes to lift your bottom off the ground. Try holding for 5 seconds before lowering and releasing.

Side Stepping: Place your hands on your hips with your knees and feet pointing forward. “Hinge” and step with the leading leg outward but keep your knees and feet pointed forward. Do not let your upper body above your hands move. Repeat for 10 steps and change the leading leg.



Side Stepping


Core Stabilizers:

Dead bug: Lying on your back, activate your core so that your back is RESTED FLAT on the ground. Lift the Right knee and reach the Left arm overhead together and return them back down together. Repeat on other side, alternate back and forth.

Bird Dog: Beginning on hands and knees, activate your core so that your back is FLAT like a table top. Reach the Right leg back and the Left arm forward together before returning them back down. Only reach as far as you can keep your back flat and don’t let the hips rotate.

Planks: Beginning on your elbows and knees, activate your core so that your back is FLAT like a table top. Lift the knees off the floor and try activating your glutes and quads to help keep you level. Start with 10-20 second hold progressing 10 seconds each time while maintaining technique.

Dead Bug

Bird Dog


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