Rock Climbing Series Continued

Specific Strength Training to Prevent Injury

Continuing to hit the wall hard, but concerned you might get injured?  You have to balance out time on the wall with general strengthening to prevent injuries.  Here are 3 simple exercises you can add (ideally) 3x/week to your work out routine!

Pull ups:  Use bands or a bench/chair or bands under legs to work your way up to a full pull up.  Feel your shoulder blades pull down and back, but remember to continuously breath while you move!

Single leg box jumps with soft squat landing:

Remember, hips back, head forward, keep those knees behind the toes!

Push up rows: Belly button pulling up towards spine, don’t let the hips sag, squeeze those shoulder blades together and BREATHE! 🙂

If you have any questions about ways to strength train for rock climbing, contact us at Mobilize Physical Therapy!  -Jaclyn Stoerzbach, PT, DPT