School is in and sports are in full swing! Whether you are in-season or pre-season training, concussions can happen anytime and it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms to keep yourself and others safe.

Concussions are considered a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and should be treated with care when returning to sports and high level activities. A concussion can be sustained by either an impact to the head or to the body resulting in a forceful motion of the head. The brain moves within the skull causing damage to tissues and chemical changes affecting the signals from the brain to other parts of the body.

According to the Zackery Lystedt Youth Sports Concussion Law, if you sustain a concussion you are required to sit out of the activity for the remainder of the day and be cleared of concussion by a medial provided prior to returning. This is for your safety to ensure you can continue playing for the season and future seasons without risking your health.

If you or your teammate falls or is involved in a collision, reports, or demonstrates any of these symptoms, be responsible and get yourself or your teammate off the field. After concussion, the brain needs time to recover like any injury. If a second concussion is sustained, but the brain has not have fully recovered, further insult to the tissues may lead to very serious consequences like permanent brain damage.

No two concussions are the same but there are common symptom you may experience and can help you know whether to sit out of practice or the rest of the game.

●  Headaches

●  Blurred or Double Vision

●  Nausea

●  Difficulty tracking objects or people with your eyes

●  Sensitivity to busy environments or light

●  Difficulty concentrating or retaining information

Seeking consult from a medical provider after a concussion is important. Physical Therapy may be the next step for you to return to sports. Physical therapy can work on balance control, eye coordination, and movement re-training to get you back in action without provoking symptoms.

If you need more information regarding concussion protocol, general information, referral sources, or need to start Physical Therapy, please visit our website at​ ​​ to set up an appointment or call us at (206)402-5483. Our concussion specialist, Shawnee Perkins, will be happy to see you and get you on the path to recovery.