Emily Burghardt, PT, DPT at Oyster Dome

The beautiful spring here in Seattle has the Mobilize team ready to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine! There are so many options for great hikes in and around Seattle. Here are a few tips and exercises to make sure your hiking season stays injury free.

Whether you are going on a walk in the woods or summiting some of Washington’s beautiful peaks, being prepared is the first rule. Physical preparation before hiking will make your hike more enjoyable and reduce your risk of overuse or new injuries.

Hiking is a total body workout that is a great combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength, endurance and balance.  

  • Goblet squat 

  • High box step up

  • Split lunge on step

  • Lunge forward and reverse on bosu

  • Single leg deadlift on bosu

Stay tuned to our blog for discussion on common hiking injuries and how to rehab them. If you currently have an injury you’d like help with, schedule online at mobilizept.com!