Rock Climbing – Prevent Injury Before You Get “Pulled in All Directions”

If you’re a climber, you know that climbing has amazing rewards, but it doesn’t come without it’s risks and potential injuries. Before you gear up in the gym or outside in this beautiful weather, do yourself a favor and do a quick warm up and cool down before and after you climb.


  1. 5-10 minutes of aerobic (jump rope, elliptical, anything that gets your heart rate up and you wanting to take your outer sweater layer off
  2. Butt kicks  30 seconds x 4 rounds
  3. Hamstring Kicks – 30 seconds x 4 rounds


4. Angry cat stretch – 30 seconds x 3 (BREATH IN AND OUT IN THIS ROUNDED POSITION)

5. Lat stretch – 30 seconds x 3

Take these few extra minutes to yourself and you’ll be happy you did!

Happy Climbing 🙂