Do you know that stretching, even when you’re not consistently exercising, is largely important? Many believe that stretching is an activity reserved for pre and post workout – not true! Incorporating a daily stretching routine can be more beneficial than most would like to believe.

Both body and mind benefit greatly from a daily dose of stretches. Moving our muscles promotes everything from maintained flexibility to relieving stress after a long day at work or school. Through routine stretching, our bodies can perform better not only during our workouts, but our day-to-day activities as well. By getting proper nutrients and oxygen to the muscles through stretching, typical tasks such as yard work or carrying groceries can be performed without the potential threat of injury. Stretching throughout the work day can promote better posture by loosening muscles in the back. It’s even proven that a simple, five minute stretch of the major muscle groups can provide one with a quick boost of natural energy to power through the rest of the day. Stretching can also help relieve our minds of the everyday stresses — when our mind is stressed, it is reflected in our bodies.

One does not have to participate in athletics or exercise to experience the benefits of a consistent stretching regimen. Relieving stress through stretching has been found to incite instant relaxation of the muscles and increased blood flow throughout extremities. Maintaining mobility of our muscles promotes happy bodies and minds. Go ahead — take a break and stretch it out!

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