Winter is here and that means it’s time to get out in the snow! What better way to get the family together than a sledding excursion. Not only is it a fun activity for the whole family, but it burns calories as well. So head on out to the summit at Snoqualmie, or your favorite snowy spot, and have a winter adventure. In the meantime here are a few tips to help you have a safe and fun time.

Dress warm and make sure that you have on plenty of layers. Remember to put on a hat, gloves, and winter boots to help keep your extremities warm. Ideally, you would like the top layer to be as waterproof as possible to allow you to stay dry and warm. Also, avoid wearing things such as long scarves or other articles of clothing that might get caught in the sled. It might also be a good idea for little ones to wear helmets to protect their heads in case they fall off the sled.

Choose the right hill and remember to evaluate it first. Be mindful of bumps and ice. Make sure the hill avoids trees, fences, and streets as well. We recommended that you have a sled that allows you to steer with your feet for maximum control. There are many different types of sleds, including inner tubes, saucers, and toboggans – among others. Make sure you feel comfortable with the sled that you are choosing and that it is the right size for your body.

Go in a groups with adult supervision and be sure to choose the right time of day. Sledding with friends and family makes the experience even better, but it is important to have an adult oversee the kids in case of any potential injuries. Sledding during daylight hours will allow you to see better and avoid potential injuries.

So what are you waiting for?! Make the most of this winter and MOBILIZE your life with a sledding adventure!iStock_34142108_sledding_1200x800

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