Angels In Sports (AIS) is a non-profit charity organization that accepts high striving underprivileged youth applicants that require assistance in achieving their athletic and academic goals.

Applicants who are underprivileged or have unmet financial needs can receive scholarships for academic support, advanced sports training, fees to elite training facilities, and other special opportunities.

Today, the expectations are increased in every given sport. In youth sports, top echelon teams require greater academic achievement, greater talent, as well as physical and mental abilities. The demand is for student athletes to know more and be more capable at an earlier age than just a generation before. To have this requires advanced sport training and academic support.

Angels In Sports understands that underprivileged student athletes often fall through the cracks — where parents must make hard financial choices between survival or the future development of their children. AIS works to eliminate financial hardship as a barrier to the development of children.

AIS Scholarships provide proper academic support, training with the top coaches in the local area, or annual fees to play on local advance teams. Scholarship recipients can be with similar, like-minded parents and student athletes to share experiences and opportunities as a community.

AIS seeks to assist in development of children to become contributing adults to society. To donate, volunteer, or lend a helping hand visit for more