B7CHK1 Runners in Seattle s Gasworks running up the hill away from  Lake Union.

Finding it hard to stay cool while exercising outside in the heat? Here are some helpful reminders to beat the heat while still achieving your workout goals!

As we all know when it’s hot outside we want to stay hydrated! This is by far the most important detail when exercising in the heat.  Water is the best option, but if your workout lasts longer than 1 hour try considering an electrolyte packed sports drink. Sport drinks contain valuable carbohydrates and minerals to aid in hydration when exercising for long periods in the heat. Be sure to always hydrate before, during, and after each activity. 

No matter what type of exercise activity you choose, whether it be running, hiking,  or even just a simple evening walk, we always want to be sure to wear clothing that matches the temperature outside. Rule of thumb: always wear loose fitting, breathable, and light colored comfortable clothing when doing anything active in warm weather.

When is the best time of day to exercise in hot weather? Rule of thumb: do not exercise during the hottest periods of the day. If possible, early morning hours and right after dinner are your best bet.

These simple tips are just a few of multiple ways to stay cool when exercising in the heat.  Now get out there and enjoy the Seattle sun before it’s gone!


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