Magnuson Family Fitness Day | Sept. 17th 10am

Fitness events are even better when shared with family and friends so make sure to round up the whole family or invite that friend who will help you cross the finish line. We have all events plus a featured duathlon option where you run 2.5 miles, bike 10 miles and then sprint a half mile to the finish!

About the duathlon: This is a great course for all ability levels. Magnuson offers the duathlon race two times a year. The course starts with a 2.6 mile run that follows the 5k course of the runners. At 2.6 miles you reach the bike racks and transition area. Hope on a bike and head out of the park on 65th St. and then North on the Burke Gilman Trail. The bike turnaround is 5 miles out at NE 42nd PL NE. After the turn around you head back to the transition area for the remaining half mile sprint to the finish.

The Duathlon as well as the 5k, 10k, and 15k will start at 10 am. The start/finish line is the same for all events. Perhaps you want to participate in the duathlon as a team? You can have one member do the run and one member do the bike leg, or you can have 3 members do one leg each.

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