Parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities, normal activities like picking toys up off the floor, pushing strollers and carrying your child all come with the territory. But, don’t forget to take care of your body while you are taking care of your baby. Here are a few tips provided by the American Physical Therapy Association to help parents accomplish these daily activities without hurting themselves.


Lifting Your Child From the Floor

When picking up your child from the floor, you should use a half-kneel lift. First, stand close to your child on the floor. While keeping your back straight, place one foot slightly forward of the other foot, and bend your hips and knees to lower yourself onto one knee. Once down on the floor, grasp your child with both arms and hold him or her close to your body. Tighten your stomach muscles, push with your legs, and slowly return to the standing position. To place your child onto the floor, the same half-kneel technique should be performed.

Carrying/Holding Your Child

When holding or carrying your child, you should always hold him or her close to your body and balanced in the center of your body. Avoid holding your child in one arm and balanced on your hip. When using a child carrier, be sure to keep your back straight and your shoulders back to avoid straining your back and neck.

Picking up Toys From the Floor

Cleaning up is a constant. Keep your head and back straight, and while bending at your waist, extend one leg off the floor straight behind you.

Pushing a Stroller

When pushing your child in a stroller, you will want to stay as close to the stroller as possible, allowing your back to remain straight and your shoulders back. The force to push the stroller should come from your entire body, not just your arms. Avoid pushing the stroller too far ahead of you because this will cause you to hunch your back and shoulders forward.

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