Hugs for Ghana is a student-led organization that encourage and support Ghanaian children in villages, hospitals, schools orphanages, and children homes through creative grassroots projects as well as gift and item donations. Hugs for Ghana aims to share hope, love, and confidence with Ghana’s youngest citizens so that in the future, these youth will be able to positively contribute to their communities. They strongly believe that youth have the ability to affect change in their communities and in the world. Through local and international operations, both Ghanaian children and local volunteers  are empowered to reach their full potential. The organization is led by a committed group of students who strive to impact Ghanaian communities by reaching Ghanaian children, as the youth will be the next generation to continue the Ghanaian legacy.

This year, Kenmore Hugs for Ghana will host its first ever 5K at St Edwards State Park on Saturday, November 14. In honor of the unwavering hope, wholehearted enthusiasm, and driven tenacity of the Ghanaian youth for their future, the race theme for this year is “spirit.” Deck yourself out in spirit gear and show your support for any cause or organization you believe in.

All donations and proceeds will go directly to the cause: to support Ghanaian youth. To register check out