Mackenzie Patterson

Front Office Assistant

Kenzie is a Bay Area native, but she found herself travelling up to the PNW to attend the University of Washington for her undergrad years. She intends to graduate in the Spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After UW, she hopes to attend a DPT program and become a Pediatric Physical Therapist.

Kenzie has always lived an active lifestyle, dabbling in many different sports such as swimming and gymnastics, until she fully committed herself to soccer. She is currently on the Women’s Club Soccer team at UW and loves to weight lift and run on the side. If she isn’t on the soccer field, you can most likely find her hiking, spending time on a beach, or trying a new coffee shop in Seattle!

“Love this place and these ladies! I was a patient of Kelcy and Shana’s back when they worked in Ballard, and they helped me tremendously with my low back issues.

Since then I’ve screwed up my knee (and it turns out my hip) and they are putting me back on the road to recovery. I will be running again soon! Pros: Parking lot, friendly sta, hour appointments.Cons: I have to drive here or ride my bike from Ballard.”

– Christina B., Seattle, WA